Donations, Tithes and Offerings

If you wish to bless Pastor Charles Dowell and his community with an offering, we greatly appreciate it. All tithes and offerings go strictly to Pastor Dowell and his community. They are used to pay for local community programs, learning and teaching materials, books, building up our local community (and purchasing land & buildings for other church branches so we can grow this wonderful ministry), community garden, community livestock, internet bandwidth, service and equipment which allows us to bring you live sermons and church service over the internet.

This ministry is about working together and creating a community at each church branch which will always consist of a tabernacle, community garden, livestock and housing which are all used for the local community/church members.

The bible teaches us that the borrower is servant to the lender. Our goal is to get people out of the wicked beast system of debt slavery. We use tithes and offerings for this purpose. We build up a local community first by purchasing several acres of land and building a tabernacle, then we build a greenhouse and plant a community garden, then we get chickens and livestock, and finally we start building homes on the property.

Our goal is to do this without going into debt and thus far we've been very successful. The more people that start getting into this kind of thinking, the sooner humanity can leave the old beast system behind and start living as true free people under YHWH's laws and commandments.

Please send letters, money orders
or certified checks to:

Charles Dowell Jr.
P.O. Box 32
Lafayette, Tennessee 37083

Packages (Fedex / UPS / DHL) must be addressed to:

Charles Dowell Jr.
506 Ellington Dr.
P.O. Box 32
Lafayette, Tennessee 37083


** Please stay tuned for online offering options **

Pastor Dowell